If you sell technology products and services, you know how important it is to stay current on trends and industry developments. Customers enjoy visiting stores that offer the most recent gadgets and accessories, but it is also critical to understand your clients and their needs, beyond just your current offerings. National Retail Solutions (NRS), offers a variety of products and services that will complement your existing menu of offerings.

You already offer products and services to your network of customers that can be beneficial for their businesses, National Retail Solutions (NRS) doesn’t just offer its exclusive point of sale system for independent retailers, but also NRS Pay credit card processing. Business owners are constantly looking for the most affordable and efficient payment acceptance system for their companies. Unfortunately, because many credit card companies are known to have unethical practices and take advantage of businesses, the payment acceptance industry, as a whole, has gained a bad reputation. Oftentimes, retailers are hit with hidden fees that make the process of accepting credit card payments more difficult and expensive than it needs to be. And when trying to exit, they face breaking a long-term, locked-in contract with a hefty early termination fee. 

Fortunately, NRS Pay not offers honest, transparent and affordable credit card processing, with a free card reader, zero hidden fees, no long-term contract, and no early termination fees. NRS is proudly already serving over 22,000 customers with its robust point-of-sale system that optionally integrates seamlessly with NRS Pay credit card processing and provides a comprehensive, efficient, revenue-generating checkout solution. NRS Pay offers its cost-cutting FeeBU$TER cash discounting program, which fully complies with Visa and Mastercard regulations by allowing merchants to pass along processing fees to customers with a discount when cash is tendered. 

NRS’ proprietary POS system addresses all of a business’s needs. With many thousands of locations across the U.S, independent bodegas, grocery, tobacco, liquor, hardware and gas stations c-stores, NRS is helping businesses save money and increase revenue. NRS Pay’s credit card reader can seamlessly integrate with the NRS POS system, providing businesses with a one-stop-shop of tools that help improve the checkout process, and mitigate credit card processing expenses. 

It is worthwhile to leverage your existing network and grow your income stream by offering NRS products and services to your customers. Joining the National Retail Solutions Channel Sales team requires no money out of your pocket. NRS will train you and provide you with marketing materials and support to help you succeed. You can be benefiting from high commissions plus residual income, while you offer products to your customer base that can help them, too, succeed. 

As a busy provider of products and services for retailers, it’s important you stay visible for existing and potential relationships. Networking events are a great venue for displaying your offerings and shaking hands. Networking doesn’t have to be just in person. You may want to consider attending business seminars, joining groups on social media, advertising locally, sponsoring events, and joining industry-specific events, in-person and virtually.

Plan ahead for networking opportunities. Whether it’s a booth at which you’re showcasing your branding and products so that potential customers can learn more about your offerings, or you’re joining the event as an attendee who walks around, be prepared with eye-catching business cards, impactful sales sheets and brochures. Handing out souvenirs which won’t simply be discarded is a great way to be more memorable. Give potential customers something to remember you by! When attending events, ensure that you have enough team members present to answer any questions customers may have, and connect with people personally by introducing yourself and building conversations. 

Business cards are the messaging you leave behind after you meet a new prospect. Everyone these days has a business card. Invest in something different that catches the eye and will entice prospects to follow up with you. Your business card results are worth a few dollars more investment to stand out among your competition. Hire a graphic designer to help you with an attractive design that you can use for printed cards as well as your email signature. Remember, every touch point with a potential customer is your opportunity to grow your business and increase your revenue. When it comes to your branding and image, taking it up a few notches from everyone else can really pay off. 

Update the catalogs you share with current potential customers. It can undermine your business to hand or mail out outdated materials which contain inaccurate inventory information. It’s extremely important your customers and potential partners have the most updated info. It’s better to discard old catalogs and brochures than to use them and have to be explaining that “this is out of stock” or “that’s not going to be available until the summer.”Add NRS POS and NRS Pay credit card processing to your offerings, and watch how your network expands. You can also offer NRS Petro solutions for gas stations and business cash advance options. You can truly help your customers succeed while you earn top-level commissions plus residuals selling these products to a hungry niche. Join the NRS Distributor Channel today and start selling products that are backed by integrity. Visit sellnrs.com or call (888) 870-0017.


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