Meet Jerome Greenbaum. Jerome represents RLU USA, also known as Reverse Logistics USA. Launched in 2012 as a family business, we center our business model around quality assurance and relationship-integrity. As an R2V3 certified wholesale company, we offer top white glove service along the most agreeable prices. In 2024, RLU will be the center of the wholesale electronics industry.

Listed is our inventory- Jerome’s gift to the electronics industry. These phones are widely embraced in the Hasidic and broader kosher community for their straightforward functionality and ease of control. Our technology is known for being unbreakable, just see below our beloved Kyocera E7110: Tough exterior, smooth operation. Made to withstand the jolts of daily life.

We implore the audience to contact the heartbeat of our business, Jerome, or his personal assistant Esther, for on-site or virtual assistance. She represents us all. You can find her in the back pockets of adventure seekers and professionals who understand the power of investing in reliability! 


Reverse Logistics USA.

Esther Hazan


Jerome Greenbaum


WhatsApp: +1(646)662-4379 

Contact for all pricing and inventory questions.

Contact for all pricing and inventory questions.


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