Wireless Dealer Magazine is leading the charge and paving the way for the wireless marketplace to partner with the vape retail industry. You can see the start of this wave by the number of vape retailers who are now selling wireless products and services. This trend is only going to continue, as more and more vape retailers see the benefits of selling wireless. The next big wave of independent retailers is coming, and WDM is leading the charge!

If you are a vape retailer, you belong to one of the fastest-growing retailers in the United States! Since millennials make up the bulk of your customer base, it’s more important than ever to explore new ways to expand and reach new customer demographics. Selling wireless will bring that additional foot traffic into your store, afterall nearly everyone has a need for wireless devices and accessories. Additionally, with all the laws passing with unpredictable outcomes, creating wireless revenue in your store is smart business.

As a wireless company, you can connect with vape retailers and wholesalers via the WDM email broadcast newsletter which is sent to over 35,000 vape retailers and wholesalers. Every store receives daily emails featuring a new wireless opportunity.

In the vape industry, most retailers are independent and each store possess the authority to determine which products they choose to sell. Stores, typically, have the ability to review products quickly and bring those products to market relatively fast within their location (s). There is usually just one decision maker who is highly accessible. This structure bears a striking resemblance to wireless retailers.

Over 35% of the vape retailers in Europe all sell wireless products or phone repair in their stores. In fact, they already have franchise retailers that stock both wireless and vape products now. We urge your business to take advantage of this ground floor opportunity and add another 25K+ to your stores monthly revenue!

Vape stores seeking to increase thier product selection, will find numerous choices available in terms of wireless products and services. A great place to begin is to start selling prepaid wireless service, it is one of the easiest and most recommended additions. SIM cards activate prepaid service and occupy minimal space in your store. Prepaid wireless companies will send you window posters and in-store signage to assist in attracting customers. Commissions are received when the SIM cards are activated at the time of sale.

Boost Mobile, Metro PCS, Selectel Wireless, and Total Wireless are just a few wireless companies that are already collaborating with the vape retail industry !

In the photos below, you can see that vape retailers are already selling postpaid wireless service, prepaid wireless, phone accessories, smartphones, speakers, and even providing phone repairs.

Don’t worry if you’re not interested in doing phone repairs yourself, there are many companies willing to partner with you and do the repairs for you. If you want to learn how to provide phone repair, there are schools that can teach you the top 5 phone repairs in about a week. They are excellent. The repair industry has a high profit potential due to the low cost of its parts. Repairing phones can easily earn over $100 per device.

Why not take your business to the next level and offer all of these services? Wireless Dealer Magazine can help connect your business with the companies that will work with you at the level you feel comfortable. Plus, there is no charge for our services! We have merged many industries into the wireless retail space in our 28+ years of being in business.

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