As many readers might imagine, the video game industry is massive. In fact, the global gaming market is set to hit $93 billion. Additionally, this industry will likely grow well beyond this figure once the VR devices described above enter the gaming space.

Much of the average consumer’s video gaming experience is through a console manufactured by the leaders in this space – Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft. The most common repair issues plaguing these consoles tend to be a failure with the disc drive, hard drive, fan, cable ports, and power, which are essentially electronic component issues that require a replacement.

Luckily, this type of component replacement work is exactly the kind of work that comes naturally to wireless repair professionals due to their experience with smart-phone repair. This is why, with a modest investment in specialized diagnostic software and cables, learning how to repair game consoles can be a relatively easy and profitable business move.
However, when it comes to the profitability of this repair type, it depends on the consoles age, so be selective with your projects.


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