The humble Bluetooth speaker market will be valued in excess of $7 billion worldwide. Similar to the wearables discussed above, the growth of Bluetooth speakers is largely due to advances being made in improved battery life and component efficiency. This makes installation and connectivity to smart- phones and home computers easy and allows for hours of music and video time before the next recharge becomes necessary.

Bluetooth speakers present a great new repair service to offer to customers. These devices can be just as fragile as smart-phones, many cost at least $100 or more, and the consumer market for these devices is large and growing. Better yet, the repair tools needed to fix these speakers are cheap, and their primary components (speakers, Bluetooth chips, and lithium batteries) are very common and relatively similar to smart-phones, even if there is a minor learning curve.

There is an increasing demand for wireless audio products—a market that includes myriad devices such as headphones, speakers, wireless headsets, and sound- bars. The demand is driven by the continued growth and success of the smart-phone market.

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