Due to the developing world connecting to the Internet, there are areas of concern for independent repair shop owners within the next five  years.

Between 2019 to 2023, the growth rate of the wireless repair industry will begin to moderate, in comparison to the high growth years between 2009 to  2018.

This lower growth rate is largely due to the following:

  • Lower cost smart-phones entering the market – consumers replace rather than repair damaged smart-phones
  • Waterproof and water resistant smart-phones – reducing accidental water damage repairs
  • New, stronger aftermarket LCD phone screens – shock proof, and waterproof.
  • New repair competition from major companies that are already servicing consumers – DISH Network recently announced they are rolling out a fleet of phone repair techs that will come to your location and provide smart-phone repairs.
  • The growing availability of 4G LTE wireless networks – consumers can upgrade to 4G enabled smart-phones instead of repairing older 3G phones
  • Manufacturing brands like Samsung stepping into the repair business offering in-store repairs for in warranty and out of warranty on smart-phones and tablets
  • Repair Companies like Geek Squad offering life-time protection.

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