While competition is rising and the market is rapidly changing, the disruptive trends just listed do not guarantee a grim future for wireless repair professionals. Consider the following;

Luxury Phones Are Not Cheap

Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone models are not priced based on their production cost; they are priced as an attainable luxury item. Moreover, as more premium phones enter the market, the cost of owning and damaging these phones will remain relatively constant, meaning there won’t be a severe drop in phone repair sales in the foreseeable
future, at least until 2026.

Accidents Happen

Likewise, a high saturation of smart-phone owners does not necessarily mean there will be any drop in the number of people handling their phones haphazardly—in fact, it is the opposite. Accidents will continue to happen, and more smart-phone owners will mean more repair business, thereby evening out the downward pressures listed above.


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