It is projected that hearable technology will become a $5 billion dollar industry.

This market growth also means that hearables will represent an attractive repair market for wireless repair shop owners. Additionally, of the three main hearable components—voice command (microphones), wireless connection (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth), and cloud processing—the first two are common electronic components that most repair professionals have a great deal of experience replacing with smart- phones.

Note: Hearing aid repair techs report profits of $200-$450 per device repair. Manufacturers of Hearing Aids like Starkey are joining forcing with the Hearable Industry.

hearabletraslatorrHearable Tech Devices: “Consumer Dependence of Tomorrow?”

When it comes to the improvements within the field of artificial intelligence functioning as a personal assistant by constantly freeing up cognitive space, the hearable device can become a useful tool that is able to suggest things to you because it has gained capability to correctly second guess your needs.
It will be the kind of device that will discreetly fitted in your ear and give you the right contextual advice at the right time.
Another possible feature is that of an in-ear translator. It will give the wearer the power to break existing language barriers and make it possible for them to converse with anyone no matter the language they speak.


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