Bunch of mobile phones with space for your text

Bunch of mobile phones with space for your text

B-Stock Solutions and CellWorks Unlimited have partnered to launch CellWorks Unlimited Liquidation Auctions, offering you high-quality smartphone overstock from America’s top retailers and manufacturers!

Around the world, smartphone consumers by the hundreds of thousands—maybe millions—are returning their devices every day to take advantage of buyback and upgrade programs. Meanwhile, manufacturers are overproducing devices to facilitate skyrocketing demand. To save money and space, retailers and manufacturers regularly sell this excess inventory (also called liquidation stock) into the secondary market, and they sell it for only a sliver of the suggested retail price.

We’re talking about quality devices at clearance prices. That’s why you should seriously give the smartphone secondary market a second look as a key source to stock your shelves.

In fact, the time to do this couldn’t be better: B-Stock Solutions and CellWorks Unlimited are joining forces to make reselling smartphones much easier on you and your bank balance. How are they doing this? They are eliminating the market’s need for intermediaries, who traditionally generate their profit by running wholesale warehouses that are paid for by high markup and auction bidding fees.

In other words, forget the frustrating business of jumping through hoops between mediators to get the product you need. It should be easier than that. And now thanks to CellWorks Unlimited Liquidation Auctions, powered by B-Stock Solutions, at the click of a mouse you have access to bulk liquidation stock right from the retailer or manufacturer. The process is cheaper, faster, and easier.

Introducing B-Stock & CellWorks

Cellworks LogoSo who are B-Stock and CellWorks? B-Stock Solutions is the leader of liquidation marketplace. Its experts and platform use state-of-the-art technology, analytics, and services to facilitate the largest network of business-to-business (B2B) liquidation marketplaces for Fortune 1000 companiesin America. Meanwhile, CellWorks Unlimited is the face of smartphone reselling. It knows the B2B smartphone business better than anyone and works to provide the best quality-tested product to resell at the best prices. Both partners knew what sort of impact they could make on the market together. So, naturally, joining forces made sense.
We spoke with Kevin Salkeld, who is CellWorks Unlimited’s vice president of sales and purchasing. He said partnering with B-Stock allows everyone to win.

“CellWorks Unlimited is constantly looking for new strategic partners. After several conversations with B-Stock Solutions, we decided that B-Stock’s marketplace would be a perfect fit for selling our devices,” said Salkeld. “We believe B-Stock Solutions will be able to provide us with a new network of customers, as well as provide us with access to their experienced marketplace team experts and state of the art e-commerce platform.”
Over at B-Stock, Dave Gershon, director of professional services, said partnering with CellWorks was inevitable. “Mobile is B-Stock’s largest category, and we have an extremely robust buyer base of wireless buyers from around the globe. . . . For B-Stock, adding another mobile-centric marketplace to our sourcing network further establishes us as a key solution provider and platform for excess, trade-in, or other mobile devices slated for the secondary market.”


Choose mobile phone. Heap of the different smartphones. 3d

Choose mobile phone. Heap of the different smartphones. 3d

The Benefits of CellWorks Unlimited Liquidation Auctions

Let’s dive into the good stuff: How will this new partnership, and CellWorks’ new marketplace, help you?
When you start out buying liquidation stock, you may feel apprehensive about product quality. After all, a lot of it, if not most, is second-hand. So it’s natural and reasonable to spend your money with caution. Thankfully, you can rest assured knowing that CellWorks Unlimited tests every smartphone with a strict quality control process, and then grades it so you know the condition of what you’re buying.

“Every phone goes through our quality assurance inspection process to ensure it’s fully functional, cosmetically graded, and ready to be activated,” said Salkeld.

What brands are there available to buy? Right now, CellWorks Unlimited is offering devices from Apple, LG, Samsung, Motorola, and more. And new inventory from other brands will be added routinely. In other words, the brands they are selling are among the most notable on the market. Your customers will love the devices you’ll be buying . Also, the lots range in size from ten individual units to a few hundred, allowing you to bid on the amount of product you need and minimize excess inventory!

How To Start Bidding

editorial_Bstock3Getting started is easy. First, you need to register with CellWorks Unlimited Liquidation Auctions. Once you’ve been approved to bid, you’ll start receiving email notices about upcoming auctions. The rest is a piece of cake. Log in, choose your auction, select the items and quantities you want to bid on, and then select your bidding price. The process couldn’t be easier than that. It’s only a game of point and click.

In review, B-Stock Solutions is powering CellWorksUnlimited’s next-level online auction marketplace, where you can bid on hundreds of quality-tested, brand-authentic smartphones from your home or office computer. The process is transparent and fair—there are no “preferred” buyers you’ll be bidding against. And, once again, there are no money-sucking middlemen to be wary of.

Gershon says he’s confident you’ll be nothing but pleased to use this new online auction marketplace. “We hope that wireless dealers and repair shops will find our new marketplace to be an easy-to-use, safe platform to purchase bulk quantities of tested smartphones for resale.”

Salkeld agrees. “I believe CellWorksUnlimited’s business-to-business marketplace will help depict just how convenient buying can be. With high-quality products at low prices, I find it hard to believe that anyone won’t perceive this marketplace as anything less than remarkable.”

Whether you’re interested in reselling smartphones, just getting started, or have been doing it for years, we can say with optimism that CellWorks Unlimited Liquidation Auctions will be well worth your time and money.


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