When customers buy a new phone or pay to repair an existing one, they are often motivated to spend additional money on accessories that will protect their investment or enhance the experience of their investment. This is your best shot to monetize and sometimes make higher profits than you would make in a repair or a phone sale.

It is not a secret that selling accessories offer returns as high as 1000% when sold in retail. The entire retail industry appreciates the power of impulsive spending. If you offer the right products and choices to your customers, your customers will be naturally inclined to spend impulsively.

At the end, winning over your customers’ loyalty will present you with many opportunities to capitalize on your investment of opening up a repair center. I strongly believe that the repair industry will continue to thrive in the near future; however, one must always prepare for inevitable business cycles and diversity their offerings to cater customers from different segments. The ones who will timely adapt would likely emerge as long-term players of this industry and will better handle the looming challenges.


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